How to Read a Novel Like a Lit Major

If you’ve ever analysed a novel in school, you probably know that reading a novel for analysis is different from reading a novel for pleasure. Especially as a literature student, you quickly have to get used to the fact that reading a novel isn’t the same as reading a novel well. The latter requires much … Continue reading How to Read a Novel Like a Lit Major


Why the Arts Matter

If you follow the trends on Twitter, you’ve probably seen that a job ad backed by the British government has recently sparked a huge backlash on social media. The poster shows a young ballet dancer, alongside the caption: “Fatima’s next job could be in cyber. (she just doesn’t know it yet),“ below the slogan “Rethink. … Continue reading Why the Arts Matter

How to Overcome Writer’s Block

We all know it, we’ve all had it: writer’s block. Whether you’re a blogger, a student, or an author, everyone has experienced writer’s block at some point. It’s when you’re staring at a blank page on your computer or notebook and feel unable to produce a single word. Your mind is literally as blank as … Continue reading How to Overcome Writer’s Block

Why You Should Learn A New Language

Hello! ¡Hola! Salut! Ciao! Hallo! nǐ hǎo! While it’s never been easier to learn a new language, fewer people bother to do so. It makes sense. If you speak English, you get along everywhere. It’s the language of business, of finance, of the internet, of music, of international politics. Wherever you travel in the world, … Continue reading Why You Should Learn A New Language

Study Tips: How to Study Effectively

Being a student requires a lot of self-responsibility. Unlike in school, there isn’t a teacher who tells you exactly what to do. In university, you’re simply expected to prepare assigned readings, write essays, prepare presentations and study for the next exam. No one’s going to remind you of your next submission date—you need to learn … Continue reading Study Tips: How to Study Effectively

Why the Humanities Matter

Scientists are trained to invent things. Doctors are trained to save lives. Lawyers are trained to give legal advice. Accountants are trained to prepare financial records. And humanities scholars … well, what’s their role?

Studying in Germany

Have you ever considered studying in Germany? Or are just curious to know how the German university system works? If so, you’re at exactly the right place! Here’s everything you need to know about studying in Germany:

Why Pursue a Degree in the Humanities?

Did you know J.K. Rowling studied French and Classics? Wikipedia Founder Larry Sanger holds a PhD in philosophy? Or YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki has a bachelor’s degree in History and Literature? Contrary to popular belief, humanities students (that is philosophy, literature, language, religion, art, or history students) can become more than teachers. In fact, it’s … Continue reading Why Pursue a Degree in the Humanities?