Study Tips: How to Survive Zoom Classes

For most students, Zoom classes have become the new normal. While they do admittedly have a lot of advantages–among the chance to work from home (which comes in handy in the middle of a pandemic)–they can also be quite chaotic and stressful. Having attended a lot of Zoom seminars in the past months, I learned … Continue reading Study Tips: How to Survive Zoom Classes


How to Overcome Writer’s Block

We all know it, we’ve all had it: writer’s block. Whether you’re a blogger, a student, or an author, everyone has experienced writer’s block at some point. It’s when you’re staring at a blank page on your computer or notebook and feel unable to produce a single word. Your mind is literally as blank as … Continue reading How to Overcome Writer’s Block

Study Tips: How to Study Effectively

Being a student requires a lot of self-responsibility. Unlike in school, there isn’t a teacher who tells you exactly what to do. In university, you’re simply expected to prepare assigned readings, write essays, prepare presentations and study for the next exam. No one’s going to remind you of your next submission date—you need to learn … Continue reading Study Tips: How to Study Effectively

Features of Academic Writing

There are a lot of aspects you have to consider when writing in an academic setting. Unlike writing a blog post, academic writing has some distinctive features you should be aware of. Most importantly, it has to be formal, precise, explicit and hedged. But what does each of these terms mean? Let’s look at them … Continue reading Features of Academic Writing

The Funnel Introduction

A good essay introduction serves three purposes: it grabs the readers’ attention, introduces the topic and states the thesis statement (i.e. the writer’s stance on the topic). At best, the writer is clear and engaging, making the readers want to read on. At worst, he or she bores or confuses them to the point that … Continue reading The Funnel Introduction

Thesis Statements for Beginners Part 2

Writing thesis statements should be an obligatory part of English classes in school as it promotes independent thinking, trains students’ research skills and prepares them for their future career. See what I did there? If you’re familiar with extended thesis statements, you’ve probably grasped what I was trying to do here: starting this post with an extended thesis.

Thesis Statements For Beginners

Writing an essay was one of the first things I had to do in uni. I felt prepared for this because I’d written quite some essays in school, but, to my surprise, essay writing in university turned out to be A LOT different. What I struggled with the most initially were thesis statements (these one-sentence … Continue reading Thesis Statements For Beginners