Study Tips: How to Study Effectively

Being a student requires a lot of self-responsibility. Unlike in school, there isn't a teacher who tells you exactly what to do. In university, you’re simply expected to prepare assigned readings, write essays, prepare presentations and study for the next exam. No one’s going to remind you of your next submission date—you need to learn … Continue reading Study Tips: How to Study Effectively

Book vs. Movie: In Defence of Book Adaptations

"The book is always better than the movie." I guess this is a sentence most of us have read or heard at some point when it comes to book adaptations. But how do we define 'better'? Why are books so often put on a pedestal and movies easily dismissed? Personally, whenever I hear that a … Continue reading Book vs. Movie: In Defence of Book Adaptations

Celebrating Shakespeare’s Heroines

Today marks the 456th birthday of William Shakespeare and the 404th anniversary of his death--For Shakespeare was born and died, supposedly, on the same day: April 23. Either way, today is all about remembering Shakespeare's genius. For some, it rests in his play's timeless appeal, for others in their complex language or insightful themes. If … Continue reading Celebrating Shakespeare’s Heroines